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The Power of Intuition

By Gary Klein

The very same things are what excited me and disappointed me the most in this book. It presents intuition as a very no-nonsense ability that is critical for effective decision making, and gives advice on how to train to be better at it. Exactly what I wanted! On the other hand, it describes “intuition” as simply the ability to learn to detect patterns and apply past experiences to current situations, without consciously realizing¬† you’ve made that match - which is rather less romantic than I might hope for something as big and spooky as “intuition” to be. Once I set aside my childish disappointment, though, I found this book to be full of gems, and more importantly, to include detailed instructions on how to practice and train your team on these skills. I was expecting some help on decision making and ended up walking away with great techniques for leadership and creativity as well.¬†

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Last modified on 2018-02-05