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The Artist's Way

By Julia Cameron

I have to admit that if I picked this book up sight unseen and flipped through it, I would likely have put it back on the shelf - it has a lot of markers for being a bit too “woo woo” or “touchy feely” for my usual tastes. Fortunately, it came highly recommended by a bunch of well-grounded people that I respect, so I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did. The basic premise is that everyone can be creative, but most of us have developed the idea that we’re not allowed to or have otherwise blocked our access to our creative selves. To counteract this, it provides a twelve week guided program to lead to greater creativity. I’m not very far into the program, but already I am seeing the benefit of its two core habits: Morning Pages and Artist Dates. If you are already convinced that you could be more creative with some help and don’t need as much back up, consider going straight to the workbook.

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Last modified on 2018-01-08