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The 4-Hour Chef

By Tim Ferriss

Besides being a phenomenal “learn to cook from nothing” cookbook, this also actually a book on how to learn anything.┬áMeta-learning is like catnip to me, and I was already a huge Tim Ferriss fan when this came out, so I snapped it right up. Apparently it hasn’t done as well as his other books and it was dealing with it’s rough release that led him to start his podcast. I was shocked to learn this, because to me it was more of what I had gotten in The 4 Hour Workweek and The 4 Hour Body, but better refined and figured out. The frameworks in this book are invaluable companions to other “how to learn” frameworks like Scott Young and Cal Newport. Even if you’re already a master cook, check this book out for it’s advice on how to deconstruct a skill and ask experts the right questions to fast track insights and skills.

Get it here.

Last modified on 2017-12-18