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By Carl Gustav Jung, trans H.F.C. Hull

If you’re like me, you probably have a vague idea of Jung from high school English classes, and something about archetypes. Maybe you heard he was an important influence on Lucas when he made Star Wars. If you studied psychology, you may have gotten a brief discussion about how he was important psychologist for a while, but we’ve moved past his outdated theories. Well, I’m here to tell you that Jung is both weirder and smarter than you probably think, and that makes it worth reading his stuff for yourself. Synchronicity is a perfect introduction because it is short and enjoyably mind-bending. Jung basically argues that disparate events can be meaningfully linked in ways besides causality. If nothing else, it is an enjoyable mental exercise to wrestle with such an alien concept, and who knows, you might gain a richer understanding of your own experience of the world. 

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Last modified on 2017-10-05