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Save the Cat!

By Blake Snyder

Tim Ferriss recommended this book for writers of all kinds, despite its focus on screenwriting. I came to it in order to get a variety of perspectives on storytelling (speaking, writing fiction, writing screenplays, and so forth). Despite the fact that I often watch movies and think “I could have written something better than that!", I have no particular ambition to become a screenwriter, but I have nonetheless found this little book quite helpful. It’s advice to get really clear about what your story is about applies across the board, and I appreciate its brass tacks focus on the fact that for anybody to ever experience your fantastic art, you have to sell it, which means people have to want to buy it. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a quick, fun read on how to write punchy things that get people’s attention.

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Last modified on 2017-11-20