Something Is Wrong - Beginning

Most of the time, I'd rather write about what I'd like to see more of in the world, rather than what's wrong with it, but I worry that much of what I'd like to share won't mean much without setting up a few things. In short: something deep and widespread is wrong with the world. It's hard to spot if you go looking for it straight-on, but you catch glimpses of it here and there from the corners of your eyes.

It is the thrown-out plastic water bottle in an otherwise spotless stream. It is the streaming comedy that rings brittle and hollow. It is the buzzing of a notification for a social media app. It is the sneering look of cynical contempt that curdles a young face.

Call it ennui. Call it anomie. Call it nihilism. Call it by whichever French philosophical word you like. It is an Immoral Maze. It is Uruk. It is Moloch.

It is all around us, and most of the ways put forward to deal with it are wholly lacking.

So what might we do about this, whatever it is? I hope that pinning it down a bit might give us a few ideas of what is to be done, and then we can go onto the more welcome work of fleshing those out.