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Hello, dear reader, and thank you for stopping by this corner of my webstead. This is where I tell you how you can help me make some money from the stuff I put out here, if you feel so minded. I already am overwhelmingly thankful that you take the time to read my stuff, but if you choose to do any of the things below, it will help me to put more time and work into writing and sharing my thoughts.

Brave Browser & the Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Brave Browser Referral Link

What Brave Browser Is and How It Works

In the fall of 2019, I ditched Google Chrome and took up with Brave Browser. The short telling is that it has a great ad blocker and doesn’t track me the way Google did, and if you use the referral links here, I get a small payout in a token currency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT). If you’d like to know more, read on.

Other than better privacy, Brave is also shooting for building a better way for advertising ecosystem by getting the data right and getting better feedback.

To get the data right, Brave watches what you look at on the web, but leaves it on your own computer. Right now, businesses scoop up great big piles of data on everyone, and keep it on their own servers. These businesses don’t know what data might turn out to give them a leg up, so they hoard as much as they can and work out what to do with it later. Even if they don’t do anything crappy with it, servers full of tens or hundreds of hundreds of folks’ data make for a rather mouth-watering mark for bad guys. Brave keeps track of what sites you look at, but that data never leaves your computer. Instead, they send out potential ads, and if they match up with what you tend to look at, Brave will show them to you - and if not, it won’t.

The other way they’re trying to make this better is through better feedback in the shape of a token currency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is built on top of ethereum (a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol) and is meant to be a way for folks to pay for what they truly look at and find helpful, and to get paid for giving heed to ads that are hopefully worth their time. Here’s how it works: those ads I talked about above? When you click on them and spend some time on the site, you get some BAT for taking the time to take a look. Once you’ve earned some BAT, you can tip content creators who verify their sties (like I have), or you can set Brave to automatically tip at a percentage based on how much time you spend on a given site. This leads too much better feedback about what is pulling folks in, what they’ll give heed to, and what they think is worthwhile.

How to Help Me Out With Brave Browser

Get the Brave Browser from this link and I get a sweet referral bonus (in BAT), or if you’re not ready to give it a shot yet, learn more at their site.

Once you have Brave, look for the little Brave Rewards triangle in the address bar. Click on it and follow the instructions to get signed up to start earning and giving BAT. Once you’re all set up, you can opt to send me a tip directly, or include me in your monthly auto-tip (Brave defaults to doing this to encourage more movement of the currency based on attention, but you can tweak it or turn it off). I’ll then be able to pass BAT along to other creators or cash it out through my wallet.

When I talk about books, or sometimes other things to buy, I use Amazon Affiliate links. If you don’t know about these, the way they work is that you click a link, it takes you to Amazon, and if you buy the thing linked within a day or so, I get a little referral commission from Amazon.

It costs you nothing more than it would otherwise, and I do my best to only link to stuff that I would link anyway, but seeing as how folks are driven by incentives, I might unknowingly put in more links than I would without the chance of getting money from them. If that doesn’t sit right with you, but you still want the book, then you can go to the Amazon main page and put in the name in the search bar rather than clicking the link - no hard feelings here.