Jeff Russell's Webstead
My little corner of the web

For a long time, I’ve had somewhat sundered “selves” on the web - I had a blog and social media account for gaming, another blog and webstead for coaching and thoughts on business and getting more work done and such, and I’ve lurked around reading but not putting out there my interests in things like philosophy, mysticism, and religion. After listening to Naval Ravikant talk about why you want to welcome and make the most out of what you have that no one else does, and to Josh Waitzkin talk about how greatness comes from “embracing your funk”, I made up my mind to set that right - hence, here we are.

Webstead Leaves

As of the time of writing this (May 18th, 2020), here are the leaves for this stead:

  • About: This leaf right here, telling about the stead overall.
  • A Word About Words: Where I lay out why some of the words here are kind of funny.
  • Believing: This is where I talk about magic, mysticism, philosophy, and religion.
  • Coaching: I help folks think through things at work and get better, mostly for leadership and running teams
  • Gaming: Stuff about nerdy games, mostly Dungeons & Dragons
  • Linking: I strive to find folks who have thought-stirring things to say from very many fields, the more otherwise they are, the better
  • Reading: My thoughts on books I’ve read, showing short rundowns of each book, linked to longer thoughts.
  • Thinking: Maybe the broadest bucket, anything to do with learning, thinking, science or reason

I am in the Amazon Associates Program, so any links to books, games, or other things to buy on Amazon will earn me a small bit of money for sending you their way at no further cost to you. I only link to books that I would be linking to anyway, mostly ones that I have bought and read myself, but if you do not want to be a part of it (like maybe you want to use, or you don’t want me to make money), you can search for the product yourself in the store or search engine of your choosing.