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Money & Equipment in Fellhold

I don’t know about you, but I find coming up with equipment lists a huge pain in the ass. Coming up with starting equipment packages? Even harder. So why don’t I just use one of the perfectly serviceable equipment lists already out there? Because I definitely buy into the thought that equipment lists are a great way to convey implicit setting and approaches to the game. So I bit the bullet and cranked the below out. It could definitely use some work, and the equipment packs owe a great deal to Brendan’s excellent OD&D ones

Any and all thoughts on how to spice this up are welcome, but I’m especially looking to make an evocative random item table so that everybody gets at least one interesting but not-obviously-useful piece of kit.

Coins of Fellhold Fellhold has three kinds of coins, issued by the Soul Banks based on the Soul Standard (theoretically, you can take your coins into a bank and demand the current market rate for bottled souls in exchange for your cash, but why would you want to?)

Copper Pennings: The common coin used in most business in Fellhold - a triangle about an inch on a side with a hole in the middle. One copper penning equals one experience point. (CP) Silver Skillings: 100 Copper Pennings make up one Silver Skilling, so they are used for settling contracts and loans, day to day business between merchants, and the like. A thin, rectangular piece of silver, both sides show fine old-dwarven knotwork.  (SP) Gold Marks: Worth 100 Silver Skillings, Marks are rarely seen outside of large business deals or the hoards of the wealthy. These fat gold hexagons have a raised outer lip and show a leering devil face on one side and the mark of the bank that stamped it on the other.

Starting Cash & Gear Player characters begin with 3d6x10 CP, or else can roll for a starting equipment pack by class. Either of these can be supplemented by loans as seen shown below. All characters begin with a backpack, blanket, a waterskin, three helpings of pack food, one torch, and a tinder box.

Taking Out Loans During character creation, PCs may take out one or more loans to secure additional gear. To do so, create a random specialist NPC - this is the PCs creditor. The PC receives a loan of 3d6x10 copper pieces to be used however they see fit. Assign the PC a d4 Loan Usage die. For every week that goes by that the PC does not pay their loan, roll the die. On a maximum result, step the die up one step. The PC can move the Loan Die down one step by paying the original loan amount. If it every reaches a d10, their creditor has lost patience and sends out goons to collect.

Sellers If you wish to make finding the right place to buy goods as much a part of your game as where to fence adventuring loot, you may create a seller using the Merchant Table in the Specialist NPCs section for each category of gear below. Adjust prices accordingly. The first seller generated carries the entire category of gear. If a player wants to buy something at character generation, they must use the first seller generated - but if players are unhappy with this particular seller, they may search out others by using urbancrawl actions during play. Every new seller has a 50% chance of carrying each item when visited (this can change on future visits, or items can be special ordered for a fee). Every new seller should be added to the game master’s list of NPCs and placed in a neighborhood.

Equipment Packs  To speed up character creation, players can elect to roll for a starting equipment pack rather than “shopping” with starting money. This method is especially recommended for new players and when adding a new character to an existing game. Specific items can be substituted with the Game Master’s permission. Players can also step down one or more steps and take 10 CP per step down. All characters begin with a backpack, blanket, a waterskin, three helpings of pack food, one torch, and a tinder box. To generate an equipment pack, roll 3d6 and look in the column for your class. 

Equipment List The lists below give a good flavor of what adventurous types might be most interested in buying in Fellhold, but just about anything can be had in the vast city. Talk to the Game Master about anything you’d like to buy that you don’t see below. All characters begin with a backpack, blanket, a waterskin, three helpings of pack food, one torch, and a tinder box.

Lifestyle Homeless (0) Free Poor (d4) 20 CP Comfortable (d6) 50 CP Luxurious (d8) 1000 CP

Weapons Axe, Hand (Cleave) 30 CP Axe, Lumberjack (Heavy) 40 CP Axe, Tomahawk (Ranged, Light) 20 CP Blackjack (Close, Light, Knockout) 5 CP Blunderbuss (Firearm, Spread) 200 CP Bow (Ranged) 30 CP Brass Knuckles (Close, Knockout) 20 CP Club (Knockout) 10 CP Knife/Dagger (Close) 10 CP Musket (Ranged, Firearm) 240 CP Pistol (Ranged, Reactive, Firearm) 160 CP Spear (Reach) 40 CP Sword (Smooth) 30 CP Throwing Knives/Stars (Close, Ranged, Light) 30 CP War Shovel (Reach, Heavy) 50 CP Warcrow (Crush, Cleave) 60 CP Warhammer (Crush) 40 CP

Armor Light (AC 7) 75 CP Medium (AC 5) 500 CP Heavy (AC 3) 1500 CP Shield (-1 AC, Sunder) 50 CP

Gear Acid (vial) 20 CP Arrows (per usage die) 5 CP Ball Bearings 10 CP Barrel 20 CP Bell 5 CP Blanket 2 CP Blasting Stick 50 CP Block and Tackle 10 CP Bucket 5 CP Caltrops 10 CP Camp Blanket 5 CP Candle 2 CP Cards, Playing 1 CP Chain, 10’ 5 CP Chalk 1 CP Cooking Kit 15 CP Crowbar 10 CP Dice 1 CP Disguise Kit 20 CP Fuse (1 usage die) 30 CP Galdrabok 30 CP Grappling Hook 10 CP Hammer 10 CP Iron Spikes 5 CP Ladder, 10’ 10 CP Lantern 20 CP Mirror 2 CP Oil Flask 5 CP Pack 30 CP Pickaxe 10 CP Pipe 5 CP Pole, 10’ 2 CP Rope, 50’ 15 CP Sack 10 CP Shot & Powder (1 usage die) 10 CP Shovel 10 CP Sledgehammer 10 CP Thieve’s Tools 30 CP Tinder Box 5 CP Torch 5 CP Water Skin, quart 2 CP Wheelbarrow 40 CP

Food, Drink, and Drugs Beer, pint 3 CP Lard, quart 5 CP Pack Food, Meal 15 CP Roasted Coffee Beans 10 CP Seaweed Cigar 10 CP Seaweed Cigarettes (per usage die) 10 CP Seaweed, Loose (per usage die) 10 CP Whiskey, quart 40 CP

Critters Cat 10 CP Chicken 10 CP Crab, Pack 60 CP Crow 10 CP Dog 30 CP Goat, Pack 40 CP Pig 30 CP

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