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D100 D&Dables from Princess Mononoke


Okay, so this one isn’t too hard, since you could pretty much just run Mononoke as a D&D game, but I was watching Mononoke and taking notes on gods/spirits/demons anyway, so I figured I’d go ahead and slap this bad boy together. Enjoy!

D100 D&Dables from Princess Mononoke 1 Giant beasts guarding a magical forest 2 Writhey wormy oily corruption infesting a beast 3 A demon that makes everything around it wither and die 4 A demon cloaked in a halo of shadow 5 Something vile possessing a naturespirit 6 A custom to address unknown spirit beings with respect, even if evil 7 A demon that targets the weak/defenseless 8 A corrupting touch that spreads and causes death 9 Bleeding out the corrupting sludge, it dissolves and dissipates 10 A curse that makes you stronger and more deadly, but slowly kills you 11 A mark of a demon with a mind of its own that yearns for violence 12 A curse that makes powerful negative emotions visible as snakey ghost things 13 A Nameless god of rage and hate 14 A monster that will rot incredibly quickly if killed 15 A powerful beast hurls a Death curse 16 Iron is a bane to spirit creatures 17 A small shrine at a beautiful miniature waterfall 18 A land filled with Angry ghosts 19 Warriors massacring a village 20 Giant beasts 21 The Deer God 22 The Spirit of the Forest 23 A girl rasied by wolves 24 A warrior with a minimalist clay mask and animal furs 25 A Giant Wolf God with two tails 26 Tiny funny little tree spirits with rattling heads 27 Minor spirits that demand respect or will lead you astray 28 A tree that is the mother of dozens of spirits 29 Footprints that attract bugs and other small living things 30 A huge deer with a humanish face and tons of antlers 31 A Giant Angry boar attacking warriors armed with flaming arrows 32 A Stampede of giant angry boars 33 The blood of the deer god can heal any wound 34 Glowing eyed ape spirits that want to eat people to take their strength 35 Tiny spirits that look like bugs all over the place 36 A sacred island where it is said you can leave someone with an offering to be healed by a god 37 Ghostly extinct animals flying around 38 Thousands of little spirits greet a returning god 39 A god that takes different from by night and day 40 A huge, giant gelatinous humanoid figure with swirly designs all over its body trailing a mane of goopy stuff 41 Life springing up and dying remarkably quickly in the footsteps of a god 42 An aged, blind, and decrepit boar god 43 A Nature god of both life and death 44 A wounded god afraid to die, being corrupted into a demon 45 A curse that tears your soul apart before killing you 46 Spirits that grow small and stupid over time 47 Boars covered in swirly patterns of mud warpaint 48 A delusional, dying god followed by his enemies 49 A god coughing up blood and being overcome by goopy corruption and going mad 50 A goopy demon is bigger on the inside than the outside 51 A god killed by a new weapon 52 A dead god leaking goopy godstuff that turns into a black ooze seeping the life from all it touches 53 All of the spirits in a forest have fallen dead 54 A headless, amorphous god that can’t hold its form seeking its head 55 The head of a god in an iron box 56 A ruler offers a massive reward for the head of a god 57 Tides of life-sucking godstuff flowing over the mountains 58 A deadly plague pursues a group running with the head of a god 59 A disaster that can only be averted by returning the head of a god 60 A town destroyed by a fallen god 61 A reborn forest in the blood of a dead god 62 Riding Elk 63 An exotically dressed outsider from a culture thought extinct 64 A preternaturally skilled archer 65 A Primitive Flame Thrower 66 A warrior in face paint and primitive jewelry, face covered in blood 67 An industrial fortress on a steep island surrounded by palisades and stakes 68 A primitive, human-powered industrial works 69 Extremely skilled Leper craftsmen 70 A primitive warrior on an assassination mission 71 A huge forge that must not be allowed to go out for a town’s livelihood 72 Umbrellas to catch arrows 73 A charge stopped by a small group armed with guns 74 Warrior monks with guns 75 A town run by a formidable woman who will do anything for the outcast and powerless in society 76 An unscrupulous monk who is scheming to get a massive reward from an emperor 77 Burning noxious smoke to confound the sense of smell of beasts 78 Rock grenades to defend a high place 79 Buried land mines on a battlefield 80 A town defended by women and lepers with superior weapons 81 A huge forge burning down 82 The last village of a dying people, deep in the forest 83 An old man in a watchtower has spotted a dire threat 84 A town run by former brothel workers 85 A lord’s army besieging an economically important town 86 A shipment of badly needed food attacked by wild beasts 87 A village wise woman who can read fate by casting stones 88 A brave prince, cursed to die and cast out of his village 89 A shrine built on to the side of a mountain 90 A pool where gods gather to heal or die 91 A smart alecky woman and her hapless husband 92 A young couple, one dedicated to civilization, the other to nature 93 A new, compact gun, suitable for women and smaller people 94 Hunters that coat themselves in blood and wear skins to mask their scent 95 A leader, wounded almost to death, makes peace with her enemies 96 A monastary, local lord, and village leader all squabble over a natural resource 97 A village battles the inhabitants of a magic forest to mine the land 98 A duel between a town’s leader and a crazed druid 99 A dim-witted, short tempered, but extremely loyal chief of the guard 100 A destroyed town, determined to rebuild

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