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By Our Powers Combined: Fellhold has an Artist!

I am very excited to announce that the Fellhold project now has an official artist! The talented and gracious Eric Koch has signed on as the better half of this DIY monstrosity. You can check out his stuff here at his tumblr.┬áSo far he has been a joy to work with, and while I plan on greedily hogging all of his RPG-related art time for the next year or so, if after that you’re in need of pictures, I highly recommend him.

So far, we’ve been focusing on concept work, making sure we’re on the same page with what some of the weirder stuff in Fellhold looks like. If you’ve never had someone else produce a piece of work for something that has heretofore only been in your head or words on a screen, let me tell you that it is electrifying.

Anyway, enough of my words, let’s get to the good part: some of Eric’s concepts. First off, we have some crabmen, who are close to their final look, the first a fighter, and the second a wealthy merchant:

This week, Eric’s starting to take on some demon concepts (hinted at by that fella in the arch above). In other words, lots more exciting things to come!

(Oh, and I’m still cracking away at the words and tables parts, more of that coming to the blog soon).

Last modified on 2016-09-19