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Restaurant and Coffee House Generators

[UPDATE 2/12/19: I no longer support spending money on products that benefit Zak S, or giving him positive attention and connection. The short version is that I find credible claims that he has engaged in unacceptable behavior and not made up for it. For more detail, see here. Please consider these claims and make your own decision on their validity, and the implications thereof, before supporting Zak in any way.]

So, the DIY scene has produced tons of great bar/pub and inn generators, and Yoon-Suin‘s got Tea Houses, but I’m more of a coffee guy myself, and as mentioned in my previous post about carousing, I loves me some good food, so I wanted to come up with some generators for other types of social establishments.

In Vornheim, Zak gives the excellent advice of always having four bars/taverns/drinking establishments ready to go for a session, because those are the sorts of places PCs are likely to visit and that NPCs are likely to be found. I wanted to branch out and create some places that have different feels. Bars and taverns are where you go to meet new people, inns are places you can stay if you don’t have an apartment, restaurants a little more “fluffy” for when you go carousing, but still have some adventure hooks, and coffee houses are where you go to learn stuff.

The idea is that any of these can just be a name and some feature that makes it noteworthy, but if the players take an interest in any of them, they can slot right into the overall approach for creating intrigue and adventure hooks. The “Known For” column is mostly just there to make it memorable and may or may not have any game effect (like an “appearance” column in an NPC generator), whereas the “Spice” column is meant to be more directly gameable (some source of conflict or desires that PCs can get mixed up in). As with previous Fellhold generator, the hassled ref can proceed left to right and only use the columns they need.

Without further ado, I present the Restaurant and Coffee House Generators I’ve prepared for Fellhold.

Coffee House Generator Coffee Houses are a major part of Fellhold social life, serving as the main meeting place of intellectuals, radicals, and socialites alike. While various varieties of regular coffee are the main beverage served, some houses specialize in more powerful brews. 

Restaurant Generator The people of Fellhold enjoy a variety of dining options and regularly patronize a large number of restaurants. Each race is known for their own ethnic foods, but most people enjoy most other types of food.

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